The purpose of SLPOA is to promote good fellowship among its members, protect their common interests, provide social enjoyment by means of athletic and aquatic sports, community picnics and entertainment, and other purposes as the Association may deem necessary.

The water’s edge slopes gradually with a roped off area for children and a larger area of deep water with a swim float for more experienced swimmers. The sandy beach, fishing dock, boat area, and large grassy field make it an ideal spot for member families to enjoy summer days close to home.


The property surrounding Big Silver Lake came into the possession of John J. Albertson and his wife of Hope-Delaware, from his father Gideon L. Albertson. Building their own cottage there about 1920 --- they sold off parcels of land which were surveyed by the local surveyor of the time, Lanterman, and marked by stones and trees and other less dependable markers --- and thus do the early deeds read.

As more and more land was sold and more and more cottages built, the need for an organization was felt.The Silver Lake Property Owners Association (SLPOA) was started in 1936 by a small group of summer residents. Members had a right of way to the lake, where they built a cement dock to tie up their boats and use as a “home base” for lake activities. Full membership in SLPOA grew and incorporated in 1953. Since SLPOA has been in existence, much growth and improvement has taken place.

Perhaps the highlight of the organization’s accomplishment is the purchase of its own waterfront in 1964. Money was raised to purchase a tract of land at the far end of the lake, which was marshland with heavy tree and brush growth. After clearing the land and dredging the lake area, a beach area and eventually a small pavilion were created. This included a limited kitchen, two restrooms, and a covered patio area. In 1988, the covered area of the pavilion was enlarged to accommodate our membership.

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